The Late Late Show with James Corden

Show Package


Invent an eclectic visual identity and show package for one of CBS late night’s freshest hosts, British comedian James Corden.


Explore the convergence of Los Angeles’ showbiz culture with Corden’s unconventional, playful approach to the traditional American talk show format.


An energized, neon-accented brand package for the show, which won Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Interactive Program and Outstanding Variety Special.


+ Visual Identity + Logo Design + Animation + Graphic Design + Title Design + Live Action + VFX + Custom Typography + Editing + Post-Production + Toolkits

Logo Design

We began with a modern update to the show’s traditional logo.

The lock-up combines clean, modern typography with hand-drawn neon lettering, capturing the electrifying energy of LA while evolving the visual language of late night entertainment. In addition to broadcast, the logo brands all of the show’s print, digital, and social marketing.

Show Open

To further reinvent the show, we worked with James Corden to develop the fun improvisational opening title sequence.

We filmed Corden and band leader Reggie Watts in a series of high energy vignettes shot on location in Los Angeles. Quirky, vibrant graphics were shot in-camera using Pixelsticks, and added in post. The resulting show open, bumpers, and transitions capture Corden’s playful personality and the frenetic, infectious energy of LA showbiz.

Beyond Broadcast

Taking the brand out into the world.

In addition to on-air and digital collateral, branding for the show appears on key art and other promotional materials, including billboards and consumer products.