Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Logo + Show Package


Design a comprehensive show package to launch HBO's first weekly news property, starring Daily Show alum John Oliver.


Create a bold, unprecedented look that defies the visual standard for satire news programming, balancing Oliver's wit with topical coverage of global politics and pop culture.


A cultural phenomenon winning 4 Emmys, supported by a first-of-its kind package design that enables HBO to make continual updates and keep its unique brand of humor topically relevant.


+ Visual Identity + Logo Design + Animation + Graphic Design + Icon Design + Title Design + Copywriting + Illustration + Editing + Post-Production + Toolkits

Logo Design

How do you design a logo that stands above the trends of news programming?

The logo lock-up is informed by the show title, which inverts the concept of news programming by admitting that it’s a recap of old news. To differentiate the look from other satire programs, a clean, light typeface imparts a level of sophistication that viewers expect from HBO.

On-Air Packaging

We imagined a flexible design system that offers up hidden satire each week.

The design of “Last Week Tonight” is a departure from other news parody shows that emulate the slick look and feel of mainstream media networks. Instead, we were inspired by old encyclopedias and curiosity cabinets that reflect John Oliver’s intellectual wit. Graphics pair with faux Latin headings to create visual puns that compliment the show’s unique humor and appeal to Oliver’s informed audience.

Beyond The Screen

The brand now lives across all media, platforms, and collateral.

Key art for each new season reflects our established brand aesthetic and integrates the show logo for “Last Week Tonight.” And as the show gains fans each season, we love to see all the creative applications of our branding.