The Global Goals


Design a universal messaging system for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that is recognizable and accessible to 7 billion people around the world.


Bring together teams from the UN’s 193 member nations to help distill a simple, sustainable communication system that transcends regional, cultural, and linguistic barriers.


Seventeen unique icons and a clear messaging framework help raise awareness and communicate progress for “The Global Goals” in affecting social and environmental change by 2030.


+ Brand Strategy + Brand Architecture + Visual Identity + Naming + Logo Design + Graphic Design + Icon Design + Experiential Design + Web Design + Animation + Data Visualization + Print Design + Illustration + Copywriting + Editing + Brand Guidelines + Toolkits


Invaluable insights from UN ambassadors and NGOs pushed us to develop icons that could be universally understood. The designs and palette carefully consider cross-cultural relevance and symbolism. The circular logotype for the master brand is an expression of unity using the full palette from the icon system.


We made the language of the SDG resolution more approachable by simplifying the messaging and crafting a powerful manifesto.

Icons to Outcomes

In partnership with Project Everyone and Numbers in Action, we evolved the language of the Global Goals system for print and motion. The infographics visualize projected outcomes for the Goals through 2030, communicating our progress towards eradicating poverty, reversing climate change, and achieving gender equality.


Our branding has been adapted for installations, events, and conferences around the world since the Fall 2015 launch. Nearly every event designed to propagate the message uses our design system in some capacity. Content has included Fifty Nine Productions’ building projections at the UN building; collateral for the Global Citizen festival; and branded pavilions for the World Economic Forum in Davos and Habitat III in Quito.

The New Division

The Global Goals brand inspired the launch of The New Division: a communications agency dedicated to civic-minded and sustainable messaging. Based in Stockholm, The New Division seeks to educate and guide companies towards future-positive messages that can be understood by everyone. Learn more at