Brighthouse Financial

Motion Identity


Define motion strategy for the new MetLife investment company that gives them flexibility and guidance to build their branded assets in-house.


Leverage the brand’s core principles to create a modular set of motion behaviors emphasizing friendliness, adaptability and growth potential.


A clear, confident motion package and accompanying brand film that express Brighthouse Financial’s commitment to helping investors build more secure financial futures.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Motion Guidelines + Toolkits

Motion Guidelines

We designed a cross-platform motion language that articulates Brighthouse’s core principles and growth potential.

The flexible toolkit establishes guidelines for the motion behavior of transitional elements, typography, iconography, and data visualizations; and also gives their in-house team the flexibility to build new assets that adhere to motion principles.

Brand Film

The brand film showcases the look and feel of Brighthouse Financial in the digital space as well as its mobile applications.

Copy-driven messaging communicates the brand strategy, transitioning into a practical demonstration of online product offerings, while an upbeat music score reinforces the brand’s optimistic tone of voice.