Vogue Business: The UN Set 17 Sustainability Goals. It Needs Fashion’s Help Meeting Them

In 2015, the United Nations laid out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global initiative asking governments, advocates, and businesses around the world to come together to benefit the planet and its inhabitants.

Five years later, the international change-maker has its sights set on the fashion world – urging designers, buyers, corporations, and influencers to do their part in building a model and awareness platform for SDG action, Vogue Business reports.

“The fashion industry has incredible potential for us – for advocacy, education, creativity. We need to better tell the UN’s story on sustainability and fashion is a great platform,” says Lucie Brigham, chief of office for the UN Office for Partnerships. “We need to engage the creative industry to help us educate customers.”

So, how exactly can fashion brands step up and take action? Reducing the industry’s consumption and pollution of water is top of mind for many industry advocates. Aligning with Goal 1 (no poverty), Goal 5 (gender equality), Goal 8 (decent work and economic growth), and Goal 17 (partnerships for the Goals) are also a good place for fashion brands to start.

To learn more about the Global Goals and how to get involved, visit the UN’s web hub here.

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