Transform Magazine: The Paris 2024 Logo Needs to Be Taken Seriously

Love it or hate it, the Paris 2024 Olympics logo is here to stay. This week in Transform Magazine, CCO Alex Moulton mulls over whether the controversial marque can silence its critics.

“At first glance the Paris 2024 logo is simple, clean, and emotive,” Moulton writes, “And if ever there was a reason to create a classic flame-shaped logo, the Olympic Games is absolutely it. But after a deeper look, confusion sets in. What exactly is this logo trying to communicate? Is it an effective rallying point for a global event? Is the design system robust enough to support all the needs that will inevitably come up in messaging around the Games?”

In fact, the answers might actually be more complicated than the Tinder and “Can I speak to your manager?” memes suggest. When creating the logos and identity systems for NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Rio De Janeiro and 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games, we learned exactly how demanding this kind of brief can be. And as any designer knows, the end result you see here is often not quite what it seems…

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