Studio Hacks: Installing Apple’s Live Fish Wallpapers Back on Your iPhone

This post follows a request from iPhone users across the internet, who, for the last few years have been quietly demanding a return of Apple’s live fish wallpapers from iOS9. As the original creators of these dreamlike animated screensavers, we’d like to share a quick tutorial on how to get them up and running on any Apple device.

Step 1: Download GadgetHacks’ .zip file of fishy .m4v video files directly onto your iPhone. After clicking the link, choose “More” in Safari, then “Save to Files.” Next, select “Preview Content” in the newly-opened Files app, and use the share sheet to save your favorite fish to your Photos app.

Step 2: Install a Video-to-Live-Photo converter onto your iPhone. Two good free versions are intoLive and LiveMaker Free. Paid options include Live Maker, Live Studio, and intoLive Pro.

Step 3: Convert the videos into Live Photos by opening up your app and using its built-in tools. If you’d like the animation to loop, be sure to hit “Repeat.” Then save the converted files back onto your Photos app.

Step 4: Set your new live fish photo as your new wallpaper by hitting “Wallpaper” in your Settings app. Select “Choose a New Wallpaper” then select your newly converted file. You can also set the photo as your wallpaper directly from the photo by tapping the share sheet icon below, and selecting “Use as Wallpaper” from there.

While the final wallpapers won’t have the haptic touch capabilities of the originals, it’s still a nice way to call up one of Apple’s most famous (and highly demanded) wallpapers ever. Plus, we think it’s really cool that people are still so enamored with our work years later. Happy swimming!