Ps. I Love You: An Art Director’s Ode to Adobe’s Most Iconic Software

We don’t need to make plans on a Saturday night. We just know that we’ll be together.

By Sarah Cohen


As cliché as it sounds, I knew it was love at first sight. All I could see from across the room was what you were wearing. All grey. Not same-same grey, but slightly different shades that worked together perfectly. Let’s just say that, damn, you had my interest.

I sat safely across the room scanning you up and down, trying to memorize your every feature. Every time I’d finish, I’d go back to the top to start again, afraid that if I wasted one moment, I would miss something. Some feature that would help me understand you better. Some feature that would expose who you really are.

I don’t know. I guess I felt like if I didn’t memorize every inch of you then, the first time we met would be a disaster.



Our first interaction was awkward at best.

Me, fumbling over my words, still not quite sure what to say despite my intense studies. And you, self-assured, waiting for me to start the conversation. Waiting for me to figure you out. You, still dressed in that same-not-same all grey.

It was no mistake that it was days before we saw each other face to face again.

I needed some time to digest what happened. Or didn’t, if I’m being honest. I needed time to figure out how to better interact with you. How to give you what you need, and to get the same in return. I started watching you in action again. (Not in a creepy way.) I tried to see something I had missed before. And really, watching you interact with other people so effortlessly was inspiring. You’re the best listener, always responding to others and giving them exactly what they need in the moment. There’s rarely a miscommunication, always a natural give and take. You made it so easy.



The next time we met was slightly less awkward than the first. Not by much, but enough to encourage me to keep running into you. To really get to know what it is you had to offer because I knew you were worth it. You, in that same-not-same all grey.

Soon thereafter I stumbled upon an article that reminded me of you. It talked about how important it is to interface, to truly connect with those you want to know on a deeper level. Finally, I approached you with confidence. You held your ground. I stared you head on. You waited patiently for me to break the silence. I did. You responded. I responded. We finally connected.

Every day since you haven’t left my side. And it’s honestly everything I was promised it would be. We don’t need to make plans on a Saturday night. We just know that we’ll be together. I can’t remember the last time I worried about having something stuck in my teeth or having a flyaway hair, or bed head. You’re always there to fix it. To make it right.

You make me look younger and you smooth my blemishes. You transport me to places I’ve never even been. You make jokes and memes and have me belly laughing every day. You make true everything that never really was, and never will be.

You are Photoshop. And I love you.