The Weather Channel


Redesign and modernize The Weather Channel's brand identity and visual systems to attract younger viewers and communicate the undeniable power of weather.


Bring viewers' curiosity to life through engaging cross-platform design and content that integrates the best weather data systems in the world and future-proofs the brand's growth.


A new visual and sonic identity transforms the channel's information systems, data viz, and 24/7 content strategy, ultimately enticing IBM to acquire its digital platform.


+ Brand Strategy + Visual Identity + Sonic Branding + Graphic Design + Icon Design + UI Design + Live Action + Animation + CGI + Data Visualization + Print Design + Illustration + Copywriting + Editing + Music Supervision + Sound Design + Post-Production + Brand Guidelines + Toolkits

Brand Positioning

The Weather Channel’s refresh was the first for the brand in over three decades. A new network tagline, “It’s Amazing Out There,” encompasses the joy, wonder, and undeniable power of the weather. We understood the importance of keeping the network’s authority on all things weather, while also reaching out to a new generation of outdoor, environmental enthusiasts in order to help future-proof the brand.

Design + Iconography

A modern and aesthetically pleasing design system helps further position the brand as a source for exciting, informative weather journalism. Our robust icon system expands the network’s meteorological language, while new color palettes help more clearly communicate important weather-related information.

Data Visualization

Data viz elements, from animated dials and infographics to responsive real-time maps, flex how The Weather Channel can be both scientifically accurate and incredibly entertaining. We leveraged the best weather tools and data in the business to help bring viewers’ curiosity to life.

Show Packages

In addition to the on-air communication systems, we created new show packages for the network’s expanded slate of in-depth weather programming. Opens and promos for live broadcasts and recorded series leverage The Weather Channel’s catalog of vibrant and adventurous imagery with modern graphic elements. Meanwhile, two separate visual systems –– one for normal weather, and one for severe events allow the network to easily augment its tone and style when things get serious.


Two digital platforms were also developed in tandem with The Weather Channel rebrand: a consumer-facing mobile app and a B2B ad sales website. Each provides unique opportunities to generate revenue and expand market research, and ultimately led to IBM’s acquisition of the company’s digital assets.

Live Action

We shot live action talent IDs introducing viewers to the network’s various personalities. Spots for AMHQ, Weather Center Live, and more showcase the approachability and expertise of the network’s key hosts in this new age of on-demand, instant information.

Experiential Design

Physical and virtual sets were designed to maximize the visual impact of the digital collateral we created for the brand. Simple, modern environments live both inside The Weather Channel studio and out in the real world. We envisioned a number of experiential possibilities, including a weather-sensitive, solar and wind powered billboard to drive excitement for the network’s bold new look.