Contribute to two massive launch campaigns for two of Verizon’s crowd-pleasing initiatives — Verizon 5G high speed internet and the Verizon Up rewards program.


Motivate enrollment and awareness with digital and mobile-first content that communicates each services’ key benefits, while highlighting the human connection and partnerships integral to their success.


Two high energy anthems and compelling design systems generate excitement, drive new audiences, and strengthen consumer loyalty to the brand.


+ Logo Design + Graphic Design + Animation + Editing + Post-Production + Motion Guidelines + Toolkits

Verizon 5G

Verizon 5G is the nation’s first “ultra wide band Internet” service designed to power all of life’s devices — from computers, to mobile, to gaming, to all of the smart home products that make up a modern lifestyle. We worked with McCann to create a brand video announcing the service’s roll-out across several U.S. cities, promising to make our devices up to 20 times faster by the end of 2019.

Ultra Wide Band Anthem

Our brand film uses bold messaging and compelling visual metaphors to drive home Verizon’s dedication to innovation and connectivity. Anthem messaging focuses not just on the speed of 5G, but the scale of the new technology’s capabilities and reach.

Graphic Animation

Simple typography and minimal animation let the narrative unfold effortlessly for Verizon 5G. A red line acts as the driving thread, introducing visual metaphors to convey conversations, connections between cities, and radiating cell signals. The capability and speed of Verizon 5G Ultra Wide Band is represented through the pace of titles along with fun, clever transitions, which bring a briskness and energy to the anthem as a whole.

Verizon Up

Verizon Up is a simple, easy-to-use program that rewards customers for paying their monthly bills, “Just because.” We worked with Verizon’s creative team to design a visual motion language that complements their modular campaign messaging, with a focus on experiences, VIP tickets, and everyday rewards.

Brand Partners

To differentiate Up from other rewards programs, Verizon partnered with premium brands to offer perks and experiences that consumers really want. We created six cross-promotional ads for Apple Music, HBO Now, Uber, JetBlue, the NFL, and Lady Gaga, spotlighting some of the exclusive benefits of joining Up.

Digital and Social Platforms

Verizon’s campaign strategy for Up focuses specifically on digital and mobile advertising. We designed video content to function on traditional desktop displays and social channels, as well as vertical space for mobile-specific apps like Snapchat.

Motion Guide

We created a motion guide video that outlines best practices for working with logos, typography, and grid layouts, enabling Verizon’s team to build out new spots over time. In addition to formatting, the guide explains the rationale behind specific motion behaviors.