The AI Education Project

Brand Visuals


Create a series of custom branded illustrations for The AI Education Project, an educational nonprofit preparing students to learn and thrive in the age of AI.


Draw on principles of empowerment, innovation, and accessibility to bring the vision to life, while avoiding generic tech tropes.


A suite of stylized imagery communicates how AI is changing the world, while clearly illustrating how the AI education curriculum brings value to all students and their future careers.


+ Design Strategy + Illustration + Brand Guidelines

Creative Context

The AI Education Project is a nonprofit initiative united by one mission: Preparing all students to learn and thrive in the age of AI.

We became an official design partner with the organization in 2020, using our creative talents for good to help tell the story of how the education platform is poised to change the future.


Deeply inspired by’s goal to solve the curiosity and access gap among students who stand to be the most adversely impacted by artificial intelligence, our first task was to help visualize and humanize their existing brand illustrations, integrating their vision from wireframe into their new website and social platforms.

Digital Illustration

We created a series of custom, 2.5D illustrations for their digital presence, drawing on principles of empowerment, innovation, and accessibility.

To help the AI Education Forum stand out in the tech/Silicon Valley landscape, we created a series of vibrant, future-friendly, inviting illustrations that depict a world of learning and opportunity for students of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.


Drawing visual cues from the company’s “neural net” logo and all of the incredible innovations going on in artificial intelligence (from self-driving cars to robotic assistants), we helped envision a world where we are the leaders of a smarter, brighter future.