Re-think the look and feel of Nickelodeon’s tween-targeted network for a new generation of young, digital-first, and totally diverse viewers.


Focus network design, strategy, and creative concepting on that “in-between” time in every kid's life — leaning into aspirational messaging, classic Nickelodeon humor, and dynamically playful graphic elements.


A super-robust motion and design toolkit of IDs, bumpers, custom type animation, and more blends real kids with the TeenNick universe in one of the freshest on-air identities that speaks directly to the Gen Z demographic.


+ Animation Toolkits + Production + Visual Identity + Graphic Design + Iconography + Live Action + Animation + CGI + Custom Typography + Editing + Post-Production + Brand Guidelines + Motion Guidelines

Creative Concept

Being a tween today is… complicated. It’s a time full of awkwardness, discovery and all sorts of changes. Everything is “in between” — and that’s something to be celebrated. Our design strategy for the TeenNick rebrand began with interviews with real-world teens and pre-teens, and experiments with all of the in-between moments in kids’ lives, both within the TeenNick universe and the day-to-day lives of its audience. It’s a universe where the modernity of the Internet meets the weirdness of real life in a way that feels tactile, original, and totally authentic to a Gen Z audience.

Type + Graphic System

The heart and soul of the TeenNick rebrand relies on its deep modular, reactive typography and graphic animation toolkit, which pulls inspiration from both analog (old-school public theater brochures, Insta- style filters) and digital (internet swipes, scrolls and pop-ups), reinforcing the concept of being “in between” two worlds. Type stretches, squishes, pulls and respond to on-air imagery across the network’s bumpers, IDs, endpages. Loopable vector icons can be dropped in anywhere to add playfulness to any animation or video. We also created a super-dynamic live nav framework to bring a sense of immediacy, play, and online freshness to the network that is then carried through across the network’s social and digital touchpoints.

Live Action Shoot

Crucial to our on-air approach was concepting, directing, and editing a live-action shoot incorporating real-life teens into the TeenNick universe. A diverse cast of kids — some professional actors, some just normal tweens — help blend the network’s shows with the constantly-changing world its audience is living in while giving a fresh feel to the content. Working with famed photographers Anaïs & Dax, we also leaned into and experimented with a new, lighter, more versatile way of shooting live action, using two cameras to capture still bursts of our talent. The technique makes the entire network feel raw, authentic, and 100% in-the-moment.