Conference Titles


Create engaging opening sequences for the TED conference that inspire a global audience of change-makers.


Celebrate the conference's mantra: “Ideas Worth Spreading” with motion graphics that communicate the unique themes of each event and lecture series.


Over a dozen collaborations chronicle the evolution of TED Talks, which have been viewed more than a billion times since going online in 2006.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Live Action + CGI + VFX + Editing + Sound Design + Post-Production

TEDGlobal 2011

From the secrets of biology to the cultural constructs in our society, TEDGlobal 2011 was a celebration of life in all its forms.

“The Stuff of Life” was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, and explored the dynamic relationship between nature, science, and technology. Abstract forms grow into complex 3D structures – both organic and manmade – that highlight the evolution of design and thought.

TED 2010

TED’s 2010 program “What the World Needs Now” explored themes of creative innovation across industries.

We reimagined the creative process as a physical space: a garage where ideas are literally made, and switched on. Themes of the talks are encapsulated by words and imagery in 3D light boxes, creating virtual “exhibits” that merge science and art.

TED 2009

2009 focused on premieres: a thrilling discovery, a revolutionary idea, a powerful invention, a first-time performance.

Our opening sequence, speaker slates, and other collateral celebrated the reveal of new, fresh ideas for “The Great Unveiling.” Twelve inspiring words were assigned a unique motion behavior, used to animate ticker tapes of typography that dynamically evolve.

TEDGlobal 2009

This program looked at the hidden forces shaping our future, at the mysterious functioning of things, and at the invisible.

“The Substance of Things Not Seen” asked presenters to ideate around the concept of invisible forces and inner-workings shaping the world around us. This open presents a macro to micro view of the world, with pixels of light gravitating toward Oxford before resolving into the TED logo.

TED 2005

TED 2005 focused on how can work with nature instead of against it to serve our pursuit of knowledge and aesthetics.

For this talk series, “Inspired by Nature,” we visualized flowers as kaleidoscopic graphics. The imagery and animation explore patterns found in nature and the subtle, mesmerizing movement of flowers in bloom, backed by a riveting blend of insect noises and percussive instruments.


1998’s epic open continues our tradition of concealing names within seemingly random type sequences.

A symphonic score orchestrates orbiting rings of black and white type, with red letters aligning to spell out the organization’s main tenets.


Bold type within random sequences of letters and 7s obscured speaker names in one of our earliest pieces for TED.

The tickers hint at the broader themes of the conference, before resolving into the logotype.


“The Future Belongs to Those Who Create It.”

Our open for the conference takes us inside the mind, where a universe of ideas is constantly evolving. The visuals combine code, art, and science, all jostling to a discordant soundtrack that finds harmony with the logo reveal.


Wireframes meet typography in our 3D visualization of New York City.

 Look closely and you will see the names of industry thought leaders who headlined these talks in 2004.