State Street Global Advisors

Brand Content


Partner with McCann New York to create four brand films for State Street Global Advisors explaining the company’s mission, impact, and growth in a variety of investment sectors.


Create a bespoke style for each film to enhance specific topics and themes using a wide variety of live action, character animation and CGI techniques.


Compelling visuals and imaginative storytelling help bring new personality and excitement to the State Street brand on each of the company's O&O channels.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Editing + Post-Production

Brand Film

In our first film, we blended evocative live action imagery with analytical graphics to tell the inside story of the financial leader.

Split screens, animated typography, and touches of simple, elegant motion graphics help evoke the sense of a powerful, modern brand and convey how State Street Global Advisors is working to be more impactful than ever.

Index Film

This film brings a unique perspective that lends clarity to the complex topic of how SSGA makes their funds follow an index.

We took a more abstract, symbolic approach to our next film for State Street Global Advisors, bringing a detailed script about financial indexing to life with a character-driven narrative dreamt up McCann New York. Our animation style enabled a new way to discuss the complicated topic, using characters that are fun to watch but never veer off the rails into “kid-stuff” territory.

AQE Film

AQE is a smarter, data-driven way to find success in the stock market where other people aren’t looking.

Our third video for State Street riffed off of our animated concept for the Index film, but brings a wider feeling of depth and scale to denote the broader topic of Active Quantitative Equity Investing. We created a bee as our hero character, modeled it in 3D, then integrated it into our illustrative environment. The result is a sophisticated, grown-up, organic style that creatively depicts yet another exciting story for the brand.

MDY Film

State Street Global Advisors drives the success of the Mid-Cap powerhouse companies that drive America.

For this film, we developed a new approach that helps illustrate the brand’s progressive moves from Wall Street to Main Street. The animation uses more realistic illustration and a bold green and white graphic style to discuss how State Street Global Advisors is impacting businesses at every scale, every day.