Produce a series of short films focused around the brand’s new “Do What You Can’t” tagline, envisioning how Samsung technology helps its users defy new barriers every day.


Employ bold typography and gestural line drawings to serve as a protagonist within the story, uniting a series of abstract moments from the Samsung library curated to show the intangible joy of invention.


A series of high impact videos designed for distribution across Samsung’s ecosystem, from a three-screen experiential demonstration at CES, to sharable digital and social content.


+ Graphic Design + Animation + Illustration + Editing + Post-Production

Editorial Strategy

The Samsung brand films are a celebration of the infectious joy of living in the moment and the new possibilities technology can bring to our lives every day. Our task was to help explain each word of the company’s new tagline by editing together a selection of stock video, brand images and existing product films from the Samsung archives. Visuals serve as textures, emotions and visual metaphors to accent the existing script. The edit hinges on bold and unexpected connections from one moment to the next, utilizing a combination of epic and intimate imagery to showcase the human impact of the brand.

Narrative Typography

Animated typography, paired with gestural, editorial-style line drawings thread their way through every moment, serving as a protagonist in the story. Moving text was designed to feel boundless, edging its way on and off-screen, interacting with visuals to help narrate the experience and emphasize important facets of the script. The use of digital handwriting was also a clever way to showcase the potential of the Samsung stylus.

Cross-Platform Content

A series of :06, :30, :60 and :90 second films highlight the incredible impact of Samsung technologies on human relationships, experiences and emotions. The full version of the film premiered on-stage at CES 2018, surrounded by a series of custom animations we created to enhance the display. A series of shorter videos showcasing individual technologies, from Samsung Pay, to VR headsets, to AI assistants, to smart-home refrigerators scale down the experience for targeted distribution across the brand’s digital, social and mobile platforms.