Design content for a 360° audiovisual experience for Qualcomm’s 2019 CES booth, introducing and defining the brand’s foundational role in inventing true 5G technology.


Use light and abstract animation to express the potential energy, innovative history, and future plans for a new era of connectivity to deliver a compelling message on an impressive scale.


An inviting and immersive experience helped Qualcomm own its role as one of the industry’s top tech innovators, enabling them to dominate the conversation around 5G at CES 2019.


+ Experiential Design + Animation + CGI + VFX

The Ages of G

Qualcomm’s agency McCann asked us to partner on an experiential installation to spark curiosity for the brand at CES 2019. We worked with the agency and Qualcomm’s internal design, marketing, and copy teams to develop an interactive installation that tells a dynamic story of the history of internet connectivity— from the origins of 2G and 3G, to a bold new age of 5G technology. We were responsible for all of the animated display content both inside and outside of Qualcomm’s gigantic cube, situated within the brand’s larger footprint on the convention floor.

Setting the Stage

We envisioned an all-encompassing canvas for an augmented experience, choreographed across multiple screens. Outside the cube, custom iconography and type animation invites conference attendees inside the experience to learn more about the history of 5G Internet. Within the cube, a wrap-around screen environment with 360° audio, programmed lights, and motion-activated technology tells an epic brand story, fully immersing people into Qualcomm’s bold new world of innovation and endless possibilities.

Exhibit Installation

After completing our animation in just two and a half weeks, our team flew to CES to finish and install the project. On the convention floor we live-tested, tweaked, and rendered on-site to make sure that every detail was perfect for Qualcomm’s 2019 unveiling. The 360° installation was such a success that attendees queued up each day to access the experience.