Brand Identity


Create a comprehensive brand package for the Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s new all-access cable channel and digital platform.


Conceptualize a name and visual identity that reflects the borough’s energy and diversity, focusing on ideas of accessibility, information and building community relationships.


NYXT.nyc, a linear TV and digital portal that reflects the channel’s mission to share “what’s next” with on-the-go New Yorkers through a systematized, dynamic design framework.


+ Visual Identity + Brand Architecture + Logo Design + Animation + Graphic Design + Icon Design + UI Design + Editing + Sonic Branding + Music Supervision + Post-Production + Brand Guidelines + Toolkits

Naming and Logo

We began with a strategic naming and logo exploratory phase, ultimately selecting NYXT to represent the brand.

NYXT reflects the channel’s mission to share “what’s next” with on-the-go new Yorkers. A modern typeface and color gradient celebrate the city’s diversity and range of community voices.

On-Air Architecture

A substantial component of NYXT’s design is its always-on navigation.

The navigation system features active sidebars and menus that communicate the programming slate and track segment duration. Supplemental information on events and content lives alongside the footage, inviting viewers to connect with partner organizations to learn more and engage in their communities.

Branded Icons

We also created a set of custom icons based on the NYXT logo letterforms.

A glyph system of Xs and arrows guide the viewer’s eye to the what, where, and when of upcoming events and programs. The designs were developed in tandem with the logotype and reflect NYXT’s progressive attitude.

Beyond Broadcast

The brand design also extends across platforms and devices.

Apart from traditional cable broadcasting, all of NYXT’s content lives online and is available to livestream. Our branding strategy considered the network’s digital consumer needs, leading us to incorporate the domain extension to the name and logo, and design collateral that functions across future platforms.