Nike Golf

Product Films + Experience


Create immersive screen content to communicate the technology and design aesthetic behind new products for a Nike Golf installation.


Develop beautiful and evocative films that capture the energy, form and function of the new product designs and reach out to a new, younger generation of athletes.


A multi-room, multi-screen installation allowed Nike teams to showcase the new product line and create strong industry-focused PR buzz.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Experiential Design + Production + Live Action + In-Camera VFX + Editing + Post-Production

Product Films

We created eight emotional videos for Nike Golf’s “Take Flight” campaign to be experienced live on a large scale.

Each product shoot set out to showcase the revolutionary form and function of the new designs, and reach out to a new, younger demographic of athletes. Filming prototypes of golf clubs, shoes and rain gear with macro lenses helped evoke a feeling of technology, mystery and intrigue.

Launch Experience

Our content helped bring the power and momentum of the new product line to life in a vibrant experiential setting.

The films were exhibited and projected in a multi-room installation at Nike Golf’s annual product launch event. To complete our vision, we created music inspired by film soundtracks and industrial innovation that deepen the sense of intrigue and curiosity for our audience. The resulting original soundtracks are dramatic, glitchy, and dark.