The New York Times

Campaigns + Brand Films


Promote the NYT’s journalistic integrity, attract new subscribers, and meet the increasingly digital demands of the renowned brand’s existing audience.


Build a comprehensive visual framework for campaigns and product launches that boldly communicates a modern, sophisticated approach to journalism.


Multiple campaigns highlight the accessibility of award-winning content, helping The New York Times grow to its largest subscriber base in the history of the publication.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Live Action + Copywriting + Editing + Post-Production

Product Launches

Our work began with films that introduced features of the newly redesigned NYT website and app.

For launches including their redesigned website and new mobile apps, we created promo films for The New York Times that behave as real-time product demonstrations. Seamless visual journeys showcase the design process, UI, and end-user experience, emphasizing easy navigation and improved functionality alongside engaging journalism and content.

Seasonal Campaigns

We also created targeted advertising campaigns to promote sales of The New York Times’ digital and print subscriptions.

Bold typography and smooth animation play over photographs and footage from the Times’ image library to relay special offers tied to national and seasonal holidays.