Branded Content


Produce branded content for GSK Consumer Healthcare brands that tie into the world of NatGeo’s first scripted series “Genius,” which chronicles the life and work of Albert Einstein.


Craft and animate a series of stylized worlds linking Einstein’s work and philosophies to GSK scientific research in a way that feels informative, engaging, and native to the network.


A breakthrough co-branded campaign promoting GSK’s support of NatGeo’s “Chasing Genius” crowdsourcing initiative to enact global change.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + CGI + VFX + Illustration + Editing + Music Supervision + Post-Production

Branded Worlds

We looked to Einstein to forge connections between NatGeo’s “Genius” and GSK products.

Each brand was assigned a specific quote from Einstein that offered insight into how his mind worked. From the far reaches of space, to subatomic particles, we pivoted from Einstein’s genius to the genius of specific GSK brands in unique, stylized worlds: a blueprint universes, the pages of a sketchbook, and the depths of a chalkboard.

Integrated Campaign

The campaign also drove engagement for a greater social cause.

In addition to broadcast advertising for “Genius,” our spots lived on NatGeo’s “Chasing Genius” website, co-sponsored by GSK Consumer Healthcare. “Chasing Genius” is a digital hub soliciting ideas from fans that will help solve global issues pertaining to sustainability, healthcare, and poverty. The partnership and social initiative reflect a growing industry trend to move beyond traditional advertising, engage with audiences, and promote meaningful social change.