MTV Cribs

Show Package


Resurrect the iconic MTV series, CRIBS, nearly two decades after its original launch with fresh show graphics.


Modernize the show’s original blueprint schematic, bringing it into a post-covid era where personal spaces are more about personality than bling.


A comprehensive graphics package and design toolkit calls to mind playful and trendy retro design aesthetics—reminiscent of the early 
MTV days.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Illustration + Animation Toolkits

Creative Context

How do we resurrect a classic show and give it an entirely new life?

Reviving MTV Cribs in a post-covid era meant reintroducing the show at a turning point in culture. In the early aughts, the series drew audiences for its bling.


Cribs in the 2020s is much more about how stars showcase their personality through their homes—a trope audiences can certainly relate to after spending over a year indoors.


Taking the original Cribs’ iconic blueprint show open as inspiration, we amped up the playfulness to create a modern, stylized world of interior expression.

Show Open

An eclectic mix of bold colors, shapes, 
and decorative accents create a lively atmosphere with a ton of personality.

Geometric shapes build a quirky fantastical floor plan on an isometric grid for a show open that calls to mind both The Sims and Ettore Sottsass.


A curated palette of bright orange, purple, green, red, and pink evokes currently trending retro interior design aesthetics. Within this world, we see fun, personality-laden elements come to life: plants, furniture, statues, a skateboard ramp, and even a cute cat.

Animation Toolkit

How do we expand the structure of the show open into functional space for messaging?

Building off of the show open, geometric shapes create playful transitions, backgrounds, and wayfinding graphics. Modular typography compliments the bold color palette and delivers clear, legible messaging.