Jax Coco

Package Design


Design new product packaging for Jax Coco, a premium coconut water brand based in Hong Kong and London.


Elevate the brand with a minimal, sleek design that differentiates it from the mass-market competition, while leaning into sustainably-sourced materials to back its mission.


New metal can and paper TetraPak designs upgrade the brand’s elegant, eco-friendly aesthetic, backing up its Vogue-endorsed status as “the chicest coconut water on the market.”


+ Package Design + Graphic Design

Creative Context

No other product in its category has such purity, integrity, and unique of a sourcing story as Jax Coco.

We got involved with Jax seven years after its launch as one of the highest-end coconut waters on the market. The brand was already doing a lot of things right — distributing its water in re-usable glass bottles, sourcing its coconuts responsibly from the Philippines, and working with some of the hottest companies in hospitality and fashion. Our approach aimed to elevate the brand even further by ditching all plastic and leaning into a more minimal aesthetic.

Package Design

Superior printing techniques, refreshing textures, and a classic, refined color palette help Jax Coco stand out wherever it goes.

By printing Jax Coco’s original Alasdhair Willis-designed logo directly onto product packaging, we were able to push brand recognition while still staying true to the chic vibe of the brand. Changes to the color of the logo and can across various products help denote flavor and distinguish still from sparkling — another major differentiator Jax Coco can show off in market. Our TetraPak design, which speaks a little bit louder for a mass-market audience carries through the updated aesthetic, adding subtle coconut graphics for a punch of fun.