JAM Audio

Product Launches


Launch the all-new 2018 product lineup for JAM Audio (the younger sibling of our client House of Marley) that telegraphs the brand’s spirited, bright, and totally fun attitude.


Engage audiences on social media with a bold graphic style, dynamic motion, and simple messaging system that always delivers a playful wink.


A bespoke campaign of 32 spots, designed, edited, and animated in the span of a few weeks, set to roll out across the brand’s Summer and Back To School campaigns.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Copywriting + Illustration + Editing + Music Supervision + Post-Production

All New. All Now.

Everyday music listeners shouldn’t have to compromise audio quality, convenience, or style for affordability.

For JAM customers, music is everywhere and the world is never silent. Every spot we created for JAM embodies this fun, loud, energetic brand ethos, speaking directly to people who want to live their lives to the fullest.

Animated Campaign

We created 32 videos for the project, versioned across four product families.

Our JAM spots fuse live action with still photography, edited together with Memphis-style animations to bring a sense of fun, freedom, and vitality to each product spot. Catch the campaign on social media, Amazon product pages, and IRL at places like CES and in-store at Urban Outfitters.