Brand Identity


Develop a substantive, industry-disrupting brand identity for IRIS, a new audio brand promising to change the way see, live, and experience sound in the world around us.


Lean into the science, technology, and sustainable philosophy at the heart of IRIS to tell a brand story that goes beyond product and shows people how better sound can shape a better world.


A compelling brand foundation, logo, and visual identity position IRIS as an experience, a ritual, a lifestyle, helping the start-up raise 322% of their crowdfunding goal one week after launching their first product.


+ Visual Identity + Brand Strategy + Logo Design + Animation + Graphic Design + Copywriting + Brand Guidelines

Brand Story

Defining IRIS as an audio brand on a mission to reshape the culture of sound.

After doing a deep dive into the science and technology of 3D audio, we developed an initial strategy, vision, and tone of voice for the IRIS brand, helping to position the company as a bold, experimental, and human-first alternative to the current chaos of the emerging, immersive audio industry.


By demonstrating all of the ways IRIS is working every day to ignite a movement to Listen Well – from drastically improving sound quality and dynamics to its potentials for wellness, science, and sustainability — we helped take the IRIS brand from concept to market, using compassionate storytelling to attract funding and interest in its initial investment and planning phases.

Visual Identity

IRIS’ logo, palette, design and imagery also work together to paint a picture of a modern and connected world of sound.

In the logo and lettermark, two interlocking pieces of the IRIS ’S’ represent the formation of a living system; the internal and external; and the intersection of immersive technology and progressive biology. This mark served as a creative starting point for palette, brand imagery, web design, and CGI product renderings by Twenty Third C that spotlight the new world of sound the audio brand stands for. Our logo is now featured across a vast array of IRIS-designed products and packaging, from app buttons to internal headphone components to Red Bull Racing headsets custom created for the brand’s official audio partnership with Aston Martin.