IAC Frank Gehry Building


Design expressive digital content for one of the world’s largest high-resolution video walls, located at IAC’s world headquarters in New York.


Balance beautiful imagery with functionality in design and animation to create immersive visuals that span 120 feet and 50 million pixels.


Stunning wall displays incorporate creative coding, motion design, and live action to showcase the company's impact to more than 75,000 passing cars every day.


+ Graphic Design + Experiential Design + Live Action + Animation + Illustration

The IAC Building

IAC owns some of the world’s most prolific online brands, with websites garnering over 2.5 billion hits per month. Their headquarters, completed in 2007, was the first building in New York designed by Frank Gehry. Two Prysm LPD walls utilize energy efficient technology to generate high resolution imagery, supporting all sizes and formats of video content.

Video Wall Launch

Playing with the scale of the wall in relation to the viewer, we created digital clock displays and consumer-driven modules that incorporate code, motion design, and live action elements. Each bucket – “I Connect,” “I Date,” and “I Travel” – raises awareness of products and services within IAC’s brand architecture and demonstrates how they interface with our daily lives.

Aperture Foundation

In 2013, the Aperture Foundation hosted its annual 1/1 benefit party and auction at the IAC to support the photography community. We created a new installation for the video wall that explores the art of photography through visual language. Macro studies of eyes, lenses, and flash bulbs screened throughout the event, which brought together over five hundred distinguished members of the media, art and design community.