Google Maps

Re-Launch Campaign


Partner with Anomaly to build a motion language for Google Maps’ first-ever campaign in the United States — a multi-city, cross-platform takeover introducing the launch of it’s new “Explore” feature.


Capture the simplicity and playfulness of Anomaly’s hyper-local campaign in a flexible, easy-to-use toolkit that captures urbanites’ attention while seamlessly showing off the new UI of the app.


Emotive, playful animations bring the campaign alive across digital billboards, social media, YouTube and more, daring users to discover a new side of the cities they know and love.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Toolkits

Campaign Concept

The 2018 re-launch of Google Maps was an ambitious task from the start.

Our goal was to help make the iconic location app more than just a place to seek out directions, and instead, invite users to “Explore” digitally and discover new places in the world around them.


We were brought onto the campaign by our friends at Anomaly, who asked us to experiment with how to bring their now-famous “You Don’t Know” experiential takeover to life — on-screen, online and in several larger-than-life environments.

Animation Toolkits

Our campaign animations were designed to fit in seamlessly with Google’s unmistakable material design principles.

We built a series of customizable toolkits for the re-launch campaign, mixing kinetic typography with pops of color and simple UI demonstrations that play out across a variety of screen formats. We designed each moving element to explain and tease Google Maps’ new Explore features — from Lists and Events to Google’s new, graphic Match feature that makes discovering new places to eat and explore simpler and smarter than ever.

OOH Campaign

How do we make an app look exciting to a mobile, off-screen audience?

What do we show to tease the new Google Maps experience without giving too much away? How do we develop a quick animated explainer in a way that’s simple, yet still attention-grabbing? These were the questions we set out to solve when translating Anomaly’s campaign to a digital environment. We hope you enjoy the experience.