Type System


Create a cinematic and infinitely malleable type system for FX that elevates its identity, defies expectations, and empowers the talents of its powerhouse creative team.


Draw inspiration from film titles and experimental typography to establish a new vision for on-screen messaging, daring FX to be truly “Fearless” everywhere — from on-air to off-platform.


A new custom type package, animation system, and custom-coded toolkit allow FX to adapt to any mood, series, and setting — leaving plenty of room for future creativity and expansion.


+ Type Animation + Graphic Design + Custom Typography + Motion Guidelines + Animation Toolkits

Reimagining Fearless

Enticing audiences into FX’s world with creativity, collaboration, and unexpected visual resonance.

FX’s award-winning and fan-favorite series are born from a daring attitude that challenges the network to take bigger risks than most entertainment brands. As part of an ongoing, multi-agency initiative to continually redefine its visual identity, we helped develop a new, custom typographic system that reinforces the FX masterbrand while pushing the boundaries on what ‘Fearless’ really means across platforms. Coinciding with FX’s groundbreaking debut on Hulu, our innovative, experimental interstitial system announces a new era for the company that feels bigger, bolder, and more eye-catching than ever.

Graphic Identity

Our daring new type system balances, remixes, and challenges viewer expectations across mediums and platforms.

We wanted to give FX’s in-house team an exponential type system to complement their workflow while giving them the ultimate flexibility to expand their on-air messaging in the future.


On the design side, a flexible grid system establishes foundational rules — from gridded type patterns to dynamic graphic windows, to inversions, reflections, repetitions, and more. To formalize the system internally and externally, we also crafted and designed an inspiring brand book detailing all of the rules meant to be followed (and broken), featuring a sliding moire-style vellum cover that brings the physical book into motion.

Animated Type Toolkit

Introducing a custom-coded, fully-responsive, animated typeface exclusive to FX.

As a hallmark of the rebrand, our designers and animators worked with legendary type design firm Samarskaya & Partners to hand-draw a custom brand typeface that modulates within the design system. Inspired by Wolfgang Homola’s Soleil, its shapes are rooted in the modernist principles of clarity and reduction to essential forms, blending simplicity with fluid rhythm.


We then cut-up and hand-animated the custom typeface, driving it through a javascript UI panel we built for After Effects that explores and activates every iteration of its creation. Using these settings, FX designers can generate infinite type animations that perfectly match the tone of content without fear of repeating themselves.

On-Air + Beyond

From industry events to streaming, the best is yet to come…

In the new FX system, everything is a remix, designed to be endlessly innovated across platforms, giving the brand a filmic, experimental look and feel everywhere it travels. Additional animation styles, font weights, and more key graphic elements are also coming soon across platforms.