FX Black Narcissus

Show Logo + Promo Package


Create a show logo and package for FX’s “Black Narcissus” a limited series exploring themes of repression, desire, and surrealist horror at a convent in 1930’s Nepal.


Embody the series’ dark storyline with a compelling type and animation treatment blending East and West, minimal and ornate to set an immediate, unnerving tone for viewers.


Thorn petal flourishes, psychedelic filigrees, and stark, biblical undertones set the tone for the highly-anticipated drama, debuting at the start of 2020’s dark holiday season.


+ Logo Design + Animation + Graphic Design

Creative Context

FX’s fearless new miniseries blends myth and modernity in a psychological drama that transcends time and faith.

Our role was to develop a cinematic show logo and episodic exploration for the three-part horror series representing the strange forces and perversity at play.


Set in 1934 Nepal, Black Narcissus follows a small cadre of European nuns sent to establish a school in a haunted brothel. Blending holy with erotic, repression with desire, it’s one of our darkest, most twisted show packages to date.

Logo Design

The Greek myth of Narcissus is about beauty, intoxication, sweetness, and control.

We set out to create a logo embodying these themes with a modern, biblical edge. Inspired by Franciscan drop caps, Old Testament typography, and hallucinogenic botanical imagery, our design sets out to be at once alluring and dangerous.


Drawing off a delicate balance of East and West, minimal and ornate, the logo embodies the conflicting, sinister forces at play, while complimenting the beauty and exoticism of its paradoxical location. Thorn petal flourishes and psychedelic filigrees bring a dark elegance to the logo that feels at once opulent and decaying, telling a vibrant symbolic story in two simple words.

Typographic Animation

In motion, delicate the elements shift and transform, invading the minds of viewers with visions of mysticism, sensuality, and superstition.

After an initial logo reveal, we see our intricate type animation grow and shift, edges and curls adding more details and complexity to the design story. Each movement was created to mirror the dreamlike state of the series’ characters, reinforcing the dark and edgy tone of the show.


After animating the show logo, we then rippled out the typographic style across promo titles and interstitial cards using Fresco backgrounds created and provided by FX, which were used across platforms to promote the new series.