FOX Entertainment

Brand Identity


Define a new brand strategy and identity for the newly-independent “fourth network” that reimagines the future of TV and launches a culture-defining, cross-platform entertainment brand built for a new generation of fans.


Champion the brand’s bold legacy of risk-taking by introducing a new positioning and design system that empowers storytellers at FOX to create breakthrough entertainment that breaks through popular culture. 


Launch FOX Entertainment as a bold new challenger brand, delivering robust systems for messaging, tone of voice, design, and animation across every touchpoint, including on-air, streaming, digital, social, print, and IRL applications. 


+ Visual Identity + Brand Strategy + Logo Design + Animation + CGI + In-Camera VFX + Print Design + Custom Typography + Copywriting + Post-Production + Motion Guidelines + Animation Toolkits

Creative Context

For any brand leader, the middle of the road is the best place to get run over.

This powerful insight became a key theme during our in-depth interviews with dozens of stakeholders at the company. When FOX launched in 1986, it was sharply defined by its ability to push boundaries and take bigger swings than any other entertainment company. In reawakening this rebellious brand character, we worked collaboratively with FOX to question the legacy models holding them back and dared each other to build the future of network TV. We reconsidered and redesigned every detail, from the iconic FOX logo to how they engage with fans.

Brand Strategy

We set out to transform the iconic “fourth network” into a unique entertainment brand.

To stand out in a content-rich entertainment landscape, the new FOX brand provokes, pushes and engages its audience. We developed a daring brand strategy that internally encourages FOX employees to break rules and conventions, and externally engages audiences by breaking expectations and boundaries. We then created a new tone of voice that gives FOX license to fully embrace fandom and deliver a more daring perspective on pop culture. The visual identity emboldens this strategy by allowing FOX designers and animators to continually break things to make new things, even the logo itself.

Design System

Our goal was to define a flexible graphic system unlike anything else on TV.

In our design phase, we deconstructed and rebuilt the FOX identity into a high-end, hyper-modern system. After updating the brand mark, we broke it into the geometric shapes that form the basis for the brand’s graphic language. Each piece can be reassembled into an infinite array of possibilities, in 2D or 3D space, forming an ever-expanding design system that welcomes creative expression. In motion, we defined characteristic behaviors that adapt to any mood and message, building a proprietary animation toolkit that supports all programming genres and works for all screen sizes.

Cross-Platform Identity

The new FOX Entertainment brand lives everywhere—from TV to IRL.

As a modern media brand, television is just one of the ways FOX entertains. It follows that the digital/social guide and toolkit we created for FOX far outweighs its on-air guidelines—another reflection of the brand’s shifting strategy. Unconstrained by TV, the design system expands further into brand applications across every touchpoint, from large-scale environmental settings, to social platforms, to advertising and marketing.

Brand Film + BTS

An internal brand film further dimensionalizes the new brand language.

Before launch, we created an internal brand film that distills the identity into a dynamic and unifying experience. To craft a narrative that visually telegraphs the attitude and scale of the brand mission, we shot visual effects in-camera and combined them with an array of 2D and 3D animation styles. The film helped FOX Entertainment leadership communicate their bold vision and set the tone for all of the exciting events leading up to launch day.