Estée Lauder



Create a powerful ad campaign promoting Estée Lauder's new luxury skincare product to an international audience.


Develop an innovative visual approach inspired by the dancer's movements, combining expressive CGI and motion capture.


Stunning imagery reinforces the premium quality of Estée Lauder's Supreme+ line across point of purchase retail environments and advertising.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Live Action + CGI + VFX + Editing + Music Supervision + Sound Design + Post-Production

Revitalizing Supreme+

To stand apart from most ads for luxury beauty products, we chose to avoid the traditional spokesmodel approach.

Instead, by working with CG imagery, typography, and motion capture, our ad shows how Estée Lauder is able to harness the power of the Moringa seed to unlock younger looking skin through imagery that evokes a figurative Tree of Life. This visual discovery leads the viewer to an exuberant celebration of beauty and femininity expressed through dance.

Retail Videos

Our work was also designed to stand out within the retail environment.

In addition to broadcast and digital advertising, concentrated on enhance the brand experience within point-of-purchase retail display screens and in-store tablets, synced to show off different moments of expressive beauty.

Behind The Scenes

Our work was also designed to stand out within the retail environment.

Joyful expressions of life and femininity were created using motion capture, recording dynamic human movement to express the power of Revitalizing Supreme+. We invited several dancers to perform in our studio, and their movements were translated into line, particle, and fluid animations using Houdini.