Motion Identity


Activate a versatile, extendable motion system for CoorsTek that speaks to the global technology brand’s commitment to innovative manufacturing solutions.


Position the brand as a leader in the industry with a precise 3D grid system that highlights the sophistication and unlimited potential of their technology.


Logo animation, music, and a dynamic brand film drive brand awareness by communicating CoorsTek’s core principles and technologies with visually striking power.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Illustration + Post-Production + Motion Guidelines + Toolkits

Logo Animation

We brought CoorsTek’s brand mark to life using the duotone grid system that lives across their print collateral.

Simple shapes, fluid animation, and optimistic music express CoorsTek’s attention to detail and commitment to providing simple, sophisticated manufacturing solutions.

Brand Film

CoorsTek sought to drive brand awareness by communicating their ability to “Manufacture Confidence.”

We turned their 2D grid system into a flexible, extendable building block, creating structured 3D objects from fluid abstractions. The objects reflect wide-ranging applications for CoorsTek’s high performance materials, from industrial machinery and electronics, to household products and medical devices.