Brand Film


Showcase the functionality and accessibility of Chase’s new suite of online tools in a series of videos that demonstrate how the brand is working to simplify personal banking.


Craft a series of narratives that highlight Chase's commitment to designing smarter, more personalized banking experiences through relatable product-based vignettes.


Brand films communicate the emotional benefits and impact of the new user interface by elegantly integrating Chase’s digital products into real people's daily lives.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Live Action + VFX + Custom Typography + Copywriting + Editing + Post-Production

Talent Casting

Chase serves a diverse client base working to realize different financial goals.

We identified four personality types from different walks of life who illustrate how Chase’s online toolsets work for everyone. A rigorous casting call yielded the perfect group of talent to represent the overarching digital consumer narrative.


Establishing a sense of place is vitally important to crafting relatable narratives.

For the Chase brand film, we directed a multi-location, live-action shoot that gave familiar context to each client story. This approach gave us greater control over the look and feel of the final footage, while practically shot in-camera signage streamlined the post-production process.

User Experience

We worked to integrate the new banking UI into the real world environments.

Working closely with Chase’s product design team, we created moments that seamlessly integrate product demonstrations and show off the new, simpler user interface. Moments within the film create opportunities to transition from personal consumer narratives to animated digital space.