Masterbrand Architecture + 3 Brand Identities


Develop a brand architecture that reflects BBC’s deep commitment to inspirational storytelling while launching two new international channels and rebranding a third.


Extend the legacy of BBC’s powerful voice through three thematically distinct sub-brands while clarifying and reflecting the topical interests of each new target audience.


A new design system and tagline scales the BBC master brand while launching three unique international channel brand identities: Brit, First, and Earth.


+ Visual Identity + Brand Strategy + Brand Architecture + Naming + Logo Design + Tagline + Animation + Graphic Design + Icon Design + Live Action + CGI + Print Design + Copywriting + Editing + Sonic Branding + Sound Design + Post-Production + Brand Guidelines + Toolkits

BBC Worldwide

While beginning development of 3 distinct channel brands, we established the strategy that grounds the masterbrand.

To inspire simplicity and unify the BBC brand across all internal and audience-facing marketing, we developed a new global brand architecture that rallies around “Unmissable” experiences. The new tagline was featured with a broad spectrum of marketing and experiential activations that we designed, as well as a unified set of on-air idents.

BBC Brit

Brit, a new network tailored to men, was one of two end-to-end channel identities that we named and launched for BBC.

Inspired by the attitude of “Top Gear,” we worked with BBC to establish a witty, self-aware brand voice. The visual language balances the channel’s distinct British origin with bold designs that resonate across a wide range of cultures. A “Bro Code” glyph system organizes the content and supports a copy-driven set of tongue-in-cheek “rules” to entertain viewers.

BBC First

BBC First is a global channel dedicated to all things drama.

To launch the new offering, we collaborated with the BBC creative team to shape everything from the name to the sonic identity, on-air navigation, and promo structure. Unlike Brit, we imagined BBC First as a nuanced, moving, live action experience. Using cinematic techniques, the logo and design system reflect the wide range of emotions that viewers experience across the channel’s programming.

BBC Earth

BBC Earth was an opportunity to leverage BBC’s extensive image library and engage a global audience.

Inspired by epic journeys, our graphic systems and motivational copy move the viewer—physically and emotionally—between worlds. The tagline, “Be Here,” leads the call to action and evolved the language of Worldwide’s “Unmissable” identity, solidifying the brand as an extension of the BBC family.