Experiential Content


Celebrate creativity and excellence with experiential motion graphics and branded digital content for AICP’s annual award shows and special events.


Create provocative, boundary-pushing visual experiences that elevate the craft of communication for an audience of advertising industry insiders.


Powerful projections, show opens, and screen content reinforce the importance of the AICP and help inspire future design trends at some of NYC's most prestigious venues.


+ Animation + Graphic Design + Experiential Design + Web Design + Title Design + Live Action + CGI + Copywriting + Illustration + Editing + Original Music + Sound Design + Post-Production

2017 Awards Show

Our titles for the 2017 AICP Awards celebrates the organization’s first rebrand in 45 years.

A world of abstractions tells a visual story about the creative process of building a brand identity, culminating in the new brand mark designed by Collins. We created motion content for screens throughout the MoMA, and the new work joins our previous projects for AICP in the museum’s Department of Film archives.

AICP Next Awards

We explored the power and complexity of communication with the AICP Next Awards.

The AICP NEXT awards recognize accomplishments in non-traditional media advertising. To celebrate this work we created dynamic show opens with innovative audio and visual technology. The open introduces the NEXT awards on every leg of the AICP’s national tour. In addition, we designed stage assets, interstitial titles and other branded assets for the ceremony.

MoMA Projection

In previous years we created large-scale projections surrounding the event.

For the kickoff of AICP week in 2014, we projected a three hour loop of graphics and stories on the walls of the MoMA: one of the largest canvasses in New York City.

AICP Show Open

We created narratives highlight the mission of the AICP and celebrate the craftsmanship of independent commercial production.

In addition to the experiential design for the NEXT Awards, we produced more traditional motion graphics pieces that screened ahead of AICP Week events. 


And finally, a compelling introduction to the work of past NEXT Award winners and nominees.

For the 25th anniversary of AICP, we built a landing page for the awards show archive site inspired by James Turell’s installation environments.