Post Perspective: Behind the Title with ECD Elliott Chaffer

When it comes to creating compelling motion design for film & entertainment, it often pays off to take an unconventional approach and outside perspective. This week, industry pub Post Perspective is highlighting Trollbäck Executive Creative Director Elliott Chaffer for exactly that reason.

“I’m not an on the box creative director, and you don’t have to be,” says Chaffer, who’s notorious for his tactile, energetic approach to live-action directing, in-camera VFX and CG integration.

In the interview, Chaffer also speaks about his somewhat unconventional approach to entering the creative industry, from pretending to be his brother for his first internship at MTV, to co-authoring the first-ever coffee table art book about sneaker collectors.

“My career has been about continually creating my own luck and rolling into the next big thing… It helps to keep it fresh and to learn new things from new people all the time.”

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