NYC World Pride: Trollbäck Designer Pat King is One of 25 LGBTQIA+ Artists Featured in This Month’s #ArtOnLink

Happy World Pride! We’re excited to share some recent work from Trollbäck designer Pat King, who is one of 25 LGBTQIA+ artists featured in #ArtOnLink this month, a city initiative from LinkNYC and the NYC Department of Information Technology commissioning local artists to celebrate life and culture across New York City.

Through the end of June, King’s work will be displayed on more than one thousand 55” digital displays across all five boroughs. He is joined by other notable NYC-based artists, designers and art directors, including Shantell Martin,  Debbie Millman, Amelia Andrade Arango, and Adam J. Kurtz.

For the project, each artist was asked to create or contribute one work to LinkNYC celebrating World Pride, the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and the history of the LGBT rights movement over the past five decades.

“Being your own queer icon is up for interpretation,” says King about the piece he designed for the takeover. “To me, the phrase means live out and proud and strive to contribute to your community while lifting up those around you. I was very influenced by aura photography and the energy of the city during Pride — there’s a buzz and general vibe that is infectious and truly unparalleled.”

To learn more about Pat’s work, check out his website or give him a follow on Instagram @_patking.