Introducing IRIS: an Immersive Audio Technology Inviting the World to ‘Listen Well’

Early last year, Trollbäck did some design and strategy work for an audio start-up promising to dramatically improve digital sound quality while simultaneously activating the brain.

Yesterday, the brand introduced itself to the world.

“Music is a fundamental element of society and is intrinsic to our lives,” says founder Jacobi Anstruther, a leading innovator in the music industry for over 15 years. “But the ways we most frequently listen to music–compressed audio files, delivered to us through streaming services–have inhibited the fidelity of recorded sound. When I founded IRIS in 2018, the vision was to bring back the immersive feeling of live music.”

The proprietary software works by resynthesizing lost audio information, allowing the listener’s brain to play an active role in piecing it together, recreating the feel of a live music experience. IRIS is currently undergoing research at Mount Sinai in New York and Goldsmiths in London to study its effect on stimulating the brain and heightening states of relaxation for listeners. Not only that, but it also sounds incredibly good.

The brand’s logo, tone of voice, and initial brand identity were all created here at Trollbäck+Company.

Interested in hearing the technology yourself? IRIS is now inviting a limited number of users to test their beta iOS app here. We’ll update everyone with a case study once the product officially drops in March.