The Chi S4 Preview: Q&A With Artist Nikko Washington

On May 23, Season 4 of The Chi debuts on Showtime, featuring a fresh show package by Trollbäck+Company. To preview the debut, we recently sat down (digitally) with Chicago-based artist Nikko Washington, whose work forms the foundation of the series’ vibrant new identity.

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Nadia Husain: Designing For Impact, Influence + Identity

This month, Design Director Nadia Husain shares her thoughts on making design memorable and meaningful for a new era of creative empathy.

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Always Anthropomorphize Your Typeface + Other Advice

When you think about type design, what makes you tick? Is it the weight of a letterform, the personality of a descender, the graceful curve of a serif G? For Design Director Sarah Cohen, it’s so much more.

This month Trollbäck’s in-house type expert shares her opinions on all things type — from the joy of designing them to why custom typefaces are getting so popular in the industry.

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20+ Questions: Pat King

This month, meet designer Pat King.

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20+ Questions: Natalie Studdert

This month, meet producer Natalie Studdert.

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20+ Questions: Koda Ko

This month, meet designer + animator Koda Ko.

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20+ Questions: David Edelstein

This month, meet director of client partnerships David Edelstein.

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20+ Questions: Fredrik Henttonen

This month, meet brand strategist (and resident Swed) Fredrik Henttonen.

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20+ Questions: Brenden Schaaf

This month, meet operations coordinator Brenden Schaaf.

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20+ Questions: Sarah A. Cohen

This month, meet art director Sarah A. Cohen.

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20+ Questions: Erica Schrager

This month, meet executive producer Erica Schrager.

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20+ Questions: Nicole Willis

This month, meet operations manager + master crafter Nicole Willis.

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20+ Questions: Betsy Jones

This month, meet our producer + karaoke queen Betsy Jones.

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20+ Questions: Kevin Anderson

This month, meet our account manager Kevin “Kev” Anderson.

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20+ Questions: Casey Halter

This month, meet copywriter + strategist and staff psychic Casey Halter.

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20+ Questions: Eli Guillou

This month, meet designer, animator + Midwest native Eli Guillou.

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20+ Questions: Fionna Mariani

This month, meet senior designer, animator and krav maga initiate Fionna Mariani.

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20+ Questions: Asia Hunt

This month, meet junior strategist + horse grrl Asia Hunt.

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20+ Questions: September Raines

This month, meet video editor + Pacific Northwest hippie September Raines.

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20+ Questions: Bobby Hanley

Introducing our new monthly staff profile series. This month, meet designer + animator + avant pop star Bobby Hanley.

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The +Company: Daniel Graf

+ Title: Production Coordinator

+ From: Los Angeles, California

+ Currently living in: Bushwick, Brooklyn

+ With Trollbäck for:  7 months

+ Instagram: @greasepencil

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The +Company: Alex Moulton

+ Title: Chief Creative Officer

+ From: Berkeley, California

+ Currently living in: Fort Greene, Brooklyn

+ With Trollbäck for:  10 months

+ Instagram: @moultonalex

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The +Company: Nijel Taylor

+ Title: Designer / Animator

+ From: Coatesville, Pennsylvania

+ Currently living in: Brooklyn, NY

+ With Trollbäck for: 4 months

+ Instagram@nijeltaylor

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The +Company: Ben Nichols

+ Title:    Senior Motion Designer

+ From:   Sydney, Australia

+ Currently living in:   Astoria, Queens

+ With Trollbäck for:   5 amazing years

+ Instagram:   @benjington

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The +Company: Elliott Chaffer

+ Title:    Executive Creative Director

+ From:  London, mate!

+ Currently living in:   Brooklyn, baby!

+ Studied:   Graphic Design/Photography at University of Brighton (UK)

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The +Company: Fionna Mariani

+ Name:   Fionna Mariani

+ Title:    Senior Designer / Animator

+ From:   North Carolina

+ With Trollbäck for: 2 years

+ Instagram:   @feefee83

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The +Company: Pat King

+ Name:   Pat King

+ Title:     Designer / Animator

+ From:   British Columbia, Canada

+ With Trollbäck for: 1 year

+ Instagram:   @_patking

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