Hush +1: Alex Moulton on Sonic Branding & the Art of ‘Less, But Better’

When you think about branding, what comes to mind? Is it the way a company looks, the way it’s positioned, the way its logo calls its mission and ethos to mind?

In CCO Alex Moulton’s point of view, a meaningful brand actually means much more than that.

“I think a lot of people still traditionally think of design as graphic design. Which is not how I define it at all,” Moulton explains in the latest episode of the Hush +1 podcast, an interview series for makers, by makers by our friends at Hush Studios.

“What I’m really working on is trying to find a way to be really smart and thoughtful about the design work we do, and apply it across all the touchpoints that are available to us now.”

From the rise of audio branding to doing “less, but better” in the world of design, Moulton shares his insider insights on the past and future of brand identity.

Listen in to the full episode here.