Fintech Futures: Taking on the Apps

Are you in the business of money, banking, or financial planning? It’s time to listen up. Every day, it seems like a shiny new app enters the fintech market — from Betterment to Wealthsimple to FutureAdvisor. This week on Fintech Futures, CCO Alex Moulton shares his thoughts on how big finance can ready itself and navigate the changing financial services market.

As Moulton writes in the article: “Just as 50 years ago you trusted your bank with its solid, imposing presence on Main Street, today you may choose to trust because it looks like Uber, Instagram or Spotify.” But big finance has longevity, scale, and gravitas — and it needs to find fresh ways to build trust on its own terms.

From honing in on the emotional nature of money to establishing more engaging design systems, Moulton shares his expert tips on how traditional finance can not only keep up, but potentially play the game better than its start-up counterparts.

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