Digital Arts: Design Studios Need to Experiment if They Want to Survive

Design studios are often thought of as art studios but on a payroll, with jobs coming in and visuals created to suit. But where does this leave the role of art in the picture, and does the act of experimenting for the sake of creating have any place in the business-first approach of a design agency?

This week on Digital Arts, leading studios including Vault49, Here Design, Found Studio and Trollback+Company tell us why it pays to never play it safe. To quote ECD Elliott Chaffer (who contributed to the piece):

“Experimentation is so important because it gets you out of your comfort zone and means you can find a place for the unexpected and the unseen. You can think freely. When you get people to work together in the studio and experiment on projects it can form new partnerships and they get to know each other better. There doesn’t even need to be an end goal with experimentation – experimentation is an end in itself.”

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