Dexigner: How Can Women Get Ahead in the Design Industry?

Today, just 4-11 percent of U.S. senior leadership roles in the design industry are women. What gives? And what can we do to fix that?

This week, Trollbäck’s newest Associate Creative Director, Erin Kilkenny was featured in an interview with Dexigner talking about what it takes to make your way to the top as a woman in this industry.

Below is an excerpt of her advice:

“I freelanced on-site at a variety of design studios for 14 years. There are all kinds of dynamics and vibes out there – and some offices can be really bro-y, even without ill intent. This often makes it harder to fit in socially as a woman, or to assert yourself and gain respect from your colleagues. I have been repeatedly talked over in more than a few meetings over the years… sigh.

That’s why one of the most important things you can do is find your people. Build up a large network of other women and male allies in your field. You can learn from their experiences, talk through your struggles, and find out what companies they have loved working for and why. It’s important to find a studio (or studios) to work at with the opposite of a competitive toxic bro-vibe: diverse, curious, thoughtful people of whichever gender, who respect and support each other’s work.

It’s also important to find female role models and mentors. It’s easier to succeed when you can see what success looks like.”

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