Creative Review: Trollbäck’s 2020 Resolutions

Interested in learning more about what Trollbäck+Company has planned for the future? Look no further than this month’s design list.

From taking more risks to making a typeface, these are the resolutions our studio creatives are setting for 2020.

1. What are your creative goals for the coming year?


“Become more fluid with after effects and use more 3D in my work” –Luke Barker, Designer + Animator

“Make a typeface; make an even better typeface; exploit my best typeface into some incredible project.” –Sarah Cohen, Art Director

“More rest, less endless scrolling.” –Eli Guillou, Senior Animator

2. What has been inspiring you lately in your creative practice?


“Architecture & interior design. I think so much about how where we live impacts HOW we live. Our physical spaces are really important in defining our energy.” –Claire Dorwart, Producer

“Using Houdini on freeform personal projects in a completely liminal manner.” –Fran Roberts, Creative Director

“Our team inspires me. Dedicated, passionate, intelligent, and focused.” –Elliott Chaffer, ECD

3. What types of projects do you want to be doing more of in 2020?


“I want to help our clients run their businesses more sustainably. I’m very focused on design systems that enable people to be creative and efficient.” –Alex Moulton, CCO

“Experiments. Getting outside of the ol’ comfort zone.” -Erin Kilkenny, Creative Director

“Developing full creative systems from the ground up.” –Steven Wimberly, Designer

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