Creative Review: Trollbäck+Company’s Top Projects of 2018

Goodbye 2018! It’s been a busy year here at the studio, from envisioning the future of technology with brands like Google Maps to producing dynamic brand films for the likes of Samsung, State Street, and Verizon 5G.

As the year draws to a close, Trollbäck+Company’s top creatives took some time out of their daily practice to give us their thoughts on the work we’ve done over the past year.

Below are their thoughts on four of our most-talked-about projects of 2018.

Alex Moulton, Chief Creative Officer
Favorite Project: Motion 2018

“This project was a beautiful expression of our studio’s hyper-creative thinking and ability to move people with the simplest use of light, motion, editing, and music, and it was produced all in-camera. On a personal level, it was really fun to compose music for, since that’s not a muscle I get to flex very often these days.”

Motion 2018 Main-On-End from Trollbäck+Company on Vimeo.

Elliott Chaffer, Executive Creative Director
Favorite Project: NBC Universal

“I loved this one because of the scale of the project and reach of the deliverables. It was yet another amazing chance to work with both in-camera effects and A-list talent in a totally tactile, experimental way.”

NBCU Anthem 2018 from Trollbäck+Company on Vimeo.

Benjamin Nichols, Art Director
Favorite Project: Universal Love

“I was drawn to this project not only because the end result looked so great, but also because it had some social weight. It was an example of a project where everything comes together a great message with great design that is made even better through the nuances of motion and animation.”

MGM Resorts from Trollbäck+Company on Vimeo.

Sarah A. Cohen, Art Director
Favorite Project: Rams

“Dieter Rams is widely loved, but no one has ever had the chance to really know his story. Helping bring that story to life was not only an honor, but a rare chance to truly channel Dieter Rams’ own teachings through every detail of our process. What a dream!”

Rams from Film First on Vimeo.