Creative Pool: #GettingtoKnow CCO Alex Moulton

Any creative professional out there will mostly be able to tell exactly what made them the person they are. Alex Moulton, Chief Creative Officer at Trollbäck+Company, certainly isn’t different.

This month on Creative Pool, our fearless leader takes readers behind the scenes of some of our most popular entertainment  identities you’re likely to have seen over the past few years – from our breakthrough rebrand of FOX Entertainment, to fresh, integrated design systems for Disney+ and HBO Max.

In the profile, Moulton also details how he got to where he is currently in the industry – from hybrid DJ/editor/director, to sonic branding pioneer, to creating cross-platform content experiences for the likes of VICE Media, LiveNation, and finally, here, at Trollback.

“The best advice I can give to aspiring creative people is to stay curious while putting in the work,” says Moulton, who’s multifaceted experiences have taught him first-hand how to run a successful business, service clients, manage creative people, and translate strategic goals into sustainable brands. “Without exception, I’ve learned that the people who appear exceptionally gifted and achieved success have, in fact, worked tirelessly to make it appear so effortless, and that they are all driven by an insatiable curiosity with the world around them.”

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