Creative Pool: A Copywriter’s Guide to Communicating with AI

Online tools have gotten incredibly adept at acting, sounding, and behaving like real human writers. Could this help brands and agencies communicate better while we all work from home?

This week in Creative Pool, copywriter + strategist Casey Halter shares her experiences writing with AI, sharing the promise and pitfalls of engaging with virtual editors and assistants. Read an excerpt of the article below:

As a copywriter, my brain often already kind of feels like a computer. Case studies sound like this. Taglines work like this. Social media posts must be this length, use roughly this many emojis, and please no, that meme format is far too old for you to be using it.

This in-depth knowledge of how to communicate to a vast array of audiences, content types, and contexts is exactly what makes a good copywriter. It’s also what makes us a vital asset to brands and agencies alike.

But with most of us working from home these days, these quick copy gut-checks – typically reserved for a casual “Do you have a second?” or “Just-so-happened to see you there” chat – often get lost in the chaos.

And while this might seem like a strange time to bring AI into the conversation, I’m going to do just that. As someone who’s both fascinated by computer intelligence and expert wordsmithing, I’m a firm believer that digital assistants could open up a new frontier for writers, brands, and businesses. It’s time to get up to speed, and I’m going to show you how to do just that…

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