The +Company: Pat King

+ Name:   Pat King

+ Title:     Designer / Animator

+ From:   British Columbia, Canada

+ Currently living in:   Brooklyn

+ Studied at:   New York University, Digital Communication & Media

+ At Trollbäck for:   1 year

+ Instagram:  @_patking



Where did you work before joining the Trollbäck team? 

I was at TwoHustlers, NYUTV, and Voleurz LTD.

What is the motivating factor that drives you to create? 

The satisfaction of going from conception to finished product.

What tools/software do you enjoy working with? 

The Adobe Creative Suite. I think the options within the suite are pretty limitless.

What does design mean to you? 


You left the Pacific Northwest to attend NYU. What do you love most about New York? 

I love the pace of New York, and the convenience. There’s something for everyone here and it’s never boring. That being said, I definitely miss the tranquility of Canada, especially the West Coast. Everything is so picturesque, and you’re never more than 30 mins from the middle of nowhere–even when you’re downtown.

What are some books/blogs/publications that inspire you? 

From Up North, Its Nice That, Women of Graphic DesigniGNANT

It’s hard to imagine you as anything other than a designer, but let’s pretend that you aren’t. What career would you choose? 

I’ve always been interested in clothes, so I’d probably be doing something involving that. Maybe something related to fashion marketing.

Outside of work, what do you like to do? 

I enjoy the beach. And outdoor spaces with dogs.



+ Artist:   Frederic Forest, Jo Ratcliffe, Dan Flavin

+ Musician:   Cherry Glazerr, Bleached

+ Instagram: @tasteofstreep

+ SoHo Lunch Spot:   Grey Dog

+ Museum:   The New Museum