CoMotion 2018: Talking Motion Media Design at the Savannah College of Art & Design

Every Spring, Trollbäck + Company travels to Georgia for the Savannah College of Art & Design’s CoMotion conference, a student-sponsored event that brings together top industry professionals with the school’s Motion Media Design students to talk about what we do best.

This year, Creative Director Rosie Garschina is attending to review portfolios, listen in on panels and lectures, and meet with young creatives representing one of the country’s top motion graphics schools.

Admittedly, we attend CoMotion not only to help educate and reach out to the next generation of motion designers and animators — we also go to scope out exciting new talent for our team. Case in point: Trollbäck’s designer + animator Eli Guillou won an award at last year’s CoMotion. This year, one of our newest hires, designer + animator Bobby Hanley is up for a nomination.

Topics this year include a discussion about the pros and cons of freelancing in this industry, a panel on emerging technologies, from augmented reality to new digital aesthetics, and a talk from top creatives about how they go from a blank page to a design full of motion.

If you’re in Savannah this weekend, look out for Rosie and say hello. If you do end up meeting her at the conference and would like to continue the conversation, feel free reach out to us at hello@trollback.com.