CEO Today: Gen Z’s Search For Authenticity in the Digital Era

Welcome to the “post-brand” generation. In this month’s issue of CEO Today, strategist Asia Hunt talks Gen Z, authenticity, and digital culture:

You’ve probably seen the memes already: A person born in 2001 is now 18 years old. A person born in 1996? They just graduated from college. Generation Z is officially coming of age and beginning to flex their spending power– and brands are finally starting to take notice. Yet, in an effort to understand the post-Millennial generation, Gen Z’s still-forming reputation has become increasingly misinterpreted by the Boomer and Gen X-dominated media.

As a brand strategist straddling the line between Millennial and Gen Z (some articles say I’m a year too old, some say six), I am used to consuming every piece of content that comes my way. Constantly jumping from content stream to content stream has helped us amass an innate understanding of branding – and an innate mistrust of the branding world’s frenzied attempts to define them.

So how can brands connect with Gen Z in a meaningful, authentic way? Read the full article here.