Campaign US: ‘Omvarldsanalys’ the Swedish Art of Finding Brand Purpose

Looking for a better approach to market research? Try Omvarldsanalys: The Swedish art of finding brand purpose.

As copywriter and strategist Casey Halter explains this week in Campaign US:

Omvarldsanalys entered our vocabulary at Trollbäck+Company through our Swedish founder, Jakob Trollbäck, who introduces the concept like this: “Even if a designer is fueled by the joy of creativity, you can only make really good design if you have the capacity to see your design in context. That’s what omvarldsanalys does. It gives context and prompts purpose.

Unlike traditional “market research” or “business intelligence” omvarlsdanalys is more emotional and more political than your typical positioning process. Instead of selling products, it’s about developing trust, intimacy, and understanding how you fit into the world and how you can contribute to it, particularly from a business standpoint.

To learn more about the approach and how it informs what we do every day, read the full article here.